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From daily news to true crime, find the next can't-miss podcasts that everyone is talking about and are sure to get you hooked.

  • 'Maejor Frequency'

    Record producer, singer and songwriter Maejor talks with sound and musical experts in this series that unlocks the secrets behind the healing power of sound frequencies.

  • 'Middlespace'

    Will Forte plays a Starship Captain who quits his job, stranding his ship in space while he focuses on other passions. His idea to do nothing will instead lead him on a failing upwards trajectory.

  • 'Self Center'

    In this fictional original series, a woman treats herself to a weekend wellness retreat on her 40th birthday, only to discover that her glowing host might have mysterious methods of staying young.


Variety Produced

Keep it in the family with our suite of Variety produced podcasts covering everything from awards, Broadway and business.

  • 'Just For Variety'


    Each week, Hollywood's most recognizable red carpet correspondent, Marc Malkin, sits down with today's biggest stars to talk film, television, pop culture and the latest news.

  • 'Awards Circuit'


    The weekly "Awards Circuit" podcast features interviews with top film and TV talent and creatives; discussions and debates about awards races and industry headlines; and much, much more.

  • 'Stagecraft'


    Behind the scenes with the biggest stars on Broadway, off-Broadway and beyond. Hosted by Gordon Cox.

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