Parkland Entertainment have acquired U.K. and Eire rights to Charles Dance starrer “The Book of Vision.”

Parkland plan to release the film theatrically later in 2022.

Directed by Carlo S. Hintermann, the psychological thriller sees Eva (played by “Outlander’s” Lotte Verbeek) star as a young doctor who leaves her career behind to take up a course in the history of medicine at a remote university. Via a manuscript called The Book of Vision, she soon finds her fate entwined with that of an unusual 18th-century physician named Johan Anmuth (Dance).

“The story of Anmuth and his patients inspire Eva to live her life to the fullest,” reads the logline. “Nothing expires in its time. Only what you desire is real, not merely what happens.”

Terrence Malick (“Days of Heaven”) executive produces.

Alongside Dance (“Game of Thrones”) and Verbeek (“Outlander”), the film also stars Sverrir Gudnason (“Borg vs McEnroe”), Isolda Dychauk (“The Borgias”) and Filippo Nigro.

“The Book of Vision” first premiered at the 77th Venice Film Festival.

“I’m excited for English audiences to see the film,” Hintermann said in a statement. “My film wanted to honor the boundless force of life; I hope that resonates in viewers’ hearts.”

Vera and Robin Monotti Graziadei added: “Parkland are the ideal distributor for ‘The Book of Vision,’ we are delighted they will be releasing this film based on a real historical doctor portrayed by Charles Dance.”

Charlotte Mickie for Celluloid Dreams said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Parkland on this uniquely compelling movie, distinguished by its sumptuous visuals and timely themes.”

Tom Stewart, director of distribution for Parkland Entertainment added: “We are absolutely thrilled to bring this truly powerful drama showcasing incredible talent from both sides of the camera. ‘The Book of Vision’ will entrance our U.K. and Eire audiences!”

Gerardo Panichi, Robin Monotti Graziadei, Vera Graziadei, Sebastien Delloye and Rai Cinema produced the film with funding from Direzione Generale Cinema, Trentino Film Fund and Wallimages.

The deal was brokered by Celluloid Dreams alongside U.K. producer Luminous Arts Productions and EP Franc Roddam.